06/26/2012 07:22 pm ET

Colorado's First-Ever June Primary Election With 60 Challengers (PHOTOS)

Colorado's first June primary election has been taking the backseat to fire news with candidates hesitant to campaign while homes are being evacuated.

In the Republican primary to unseat Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, in U.S. House District 2, candidates Kevin Lundberg and Eric Weissman have said they aren't campaigning as aggressively out of respect for fire victims.

"We haven't tried to complicate that at all with campaigning," Lundberg said. "I just give them a hug and a word of encouragement and tell them it's not the time to be worrying about who's going to win in a primary."

Due to a half-dozen wildfires, county clerks are being forced to activate emergency procedures for fire evacuees to be able to vote.

There are 29 primary races across the state featuring opponents from the same party vying for the same seat. Winners then make it onto the November ballot.

Colorado just has one statewide race for the at-large University of Colorado regent.

PHOTOS: Scroll through to see some of Colorado's more notable primary battles.



Colorado's Notable Primaries In June