06/26/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown In Dead Heat In Massachusetts Senate Race, Poll Shows

The Massachusetts Senate race between Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Democrat Elizabeth Warren continues to be a dead heat, according to a poll released Tuesday afternoon by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

The number confirms other recent polls that have shown the race as effectively tied for the past several months. However, it's a slightly tighter margin than PPP's last survey of the race, taken in mid-March. At the time, the firm gave Warren a 5-point lead.

Since then, Brown has doubled his margin among independent voters, among whom he now leads Warren by 24 points, up from 12 previously. His approval rating also jumped 6 points. While the majority of Massachusetts voters (56 percent) say the Republican party is too conservative, only 34 percent said the same of Brown, giving him the opportunity to pick up crossover votes.

But PPP's president, Dean Debnam, predicted Warren could pick up voters before Election Day among "Obama independents," a crucial group that leans Democratic but hasn't decided on the Senate race.

“This race continues to be a sheer toss up,” Debnam said in a press release. “One thing to keep an eye on is the undecideds. They’re supporting Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by 50 points. That could mean Warren has more room
to grow.”

HuffPost Pollster's chart, which combines data from all available polls, estimates the race to be virtually tied, with Warren at 45 percent and Brown at 43 percent.

The PPP poll used automated telephone calls to survey 902 likely Massachusetts voters between June 22 and June 24. The poll has a 3.3 percent margin of error.



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