06/26/2012 10:33 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2012

CNN Shakeup Continues: Kyra Phillips Moves To HLN, Ashleigh Banfield To Dayside

CNN announced another shakeup to its schedule on Tuesday.

Longtime "CNN Newsroom" anchor Kyra Phillips is moving to sister network HLN. CNN said she would anchor a new daytime show there.

Taking her place at 11 AM is Ashleigh Banfield. Currently a co-host of "Early Start," CNN's early morning show, Banfield has been popping up during the network's dayside hours more and more recently.

Banfield's shift means that John Berman, who recently came from ABC to CNN to be part of the "Early Start" team, will be the primary co-host of that show, along with Zoraida Sambolin.

CNN has recently been undergoing something of an overhaul in the wake of a prolonged ratings slump. It canceled John King's 6 PM show and revamped its noon hour, which now focuses on international news.



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