06/27/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Little Boy Does Groovy Dance To Remix Of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs's 'Heads Will Roll'

It's barely been a week since pint-sized "Milk In My Sippy Cup" star Max came on the scene -- but it looks like we've already identified a dancer worthy of joining his act.

Start watching around the 30-second mark in the video above (when the orientation switched to non-dizzy-making horizontal), and you'll see a small child who clearly has no problem making a play for attention.

YouTube uploader Timmy Luckan explains how this came to be simply: "This kid started dancing at our school's flag football event for AIDS. It turned out to be a sucess, [sic] this kid made it better."

Though the little dancer is half the size of his transfixed onlookers, he's already much more confident busting a move in front of people than the average teenager. If he keeps this up, school dances will be a breeze.

Via Reddit



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