06/27/2012 10:21 am ET

Nora Ephron's Best TV Appearances (VIDEO)

“Any of you here who haven’t looked at your elbows lately cause they’re facing the wrong way, go take a look at them because in a few years, you will be so nostalgic,” quipped Nora Ephron during a visit with the women of “The View” in December 2010.

Unsurprisingly, her comments elicited a roar of knowing laughter from the women attending the taping. As one of the established queens of romantic comedy -- after all, Ephron brought us the iconic Sally Albright and Harry Burns -- she had a knack for connecting to her audience. Over the years Ephron made numerous appearances on television programs such as “The View,” “Charlie Rose” and even Jon Stewart’s short-lived 1996 BBC show, “Where’s Elvis This Week?” Somehow she always managed to come off as effortlessly charming, irreverent and insightful.

She educated women about the bald spot that will most likely develop on their heads, which she aptly dubbed “Aruba,” and recommended that everyone have Meryl Streep play them in a movie. She also spoke more seriously about her mother, the process of aging gracefully and the profound power of failure. We’ve rounded up a few of her most memorable television appearances here. Prepare to confront all over again just how witty and eloquent Nora Ephron was.