06/26/2012 09:14 am ET

'The Cycle' Debuts On MSNBC (VIDEO)

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Viewers got their first taste of "The Cycle," MSNBC's replacement show for Dylan Ratigan, on Monday.

The ensemble show opened to conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, author and pundit Touré, Salon writer Steve Kornacki and former Congressional candidate Krystal Ball at a roundtable. Touré spoke about the concept in the closing segment, calling "The Cycle" an afternoon "dinner party" about politics and culture.

He touted the diversity of the co-hosts' perspectives, including the conservative leanings of Cupp. " As a committed progressive, I'm glad to have a smart conservative here because steel sharpens steel and I like to know what the enemy is thinking," he joked.

The show debuted less than a week after the network announced the title and format on Thursday. On Monday, each host led a segment named for them (Touré's "TouréTV," Cupp's "Per S.E.," Ball's "Krystal Clear" and and Kornacki's "Steve Speak").

In a departure from the usual ensemble format, the premiere featured less discussion between the co-hosts and a heavy rotation of guests. The show hosted the New Republic's Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the Supreme Court's recent rulings, Gov. Ed Rendell on health care reform and the 2012 election, a former INS agent on the Supreme Court's immigration decision and psychologist Betsy Bates to discuss men's mental health.



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