06/26/2012 10:41 am ET

'The Newsroom': Jeff Daniels, John Gallagher Jr. To Sing In Upcoming Episode

They may be cutthroat journalists, but Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.) have another skill to exercise on "The Newsroom."

In an interview with E!, Gallagher revealed that he and Daniels would be whipping out their vocal chords for the HBO series.

"Aaron [Sorkin] found out that Jeff is also a singer/songwriter and he puts out his own records and then he found out that I play guitar and sing," Gallagher said. "So, one day, he said, 'Oh, there's going to be an episode when you and Jeff are jamming.' I thought he was kidding, but two weeks later I found out that he wasn't kidding and that he had worked it into the script."

Excited as Gallagher is to use his Broadway skills -- he sang in "Spring Awakening" and "American Idiot" -- he doesn't think Sorkin's use of stage actors is a coincidence.

"Aaron's scenes unravel like a play," Gallagher told Elle. "It's nice to have that muscle stretched when we tackle his material."

"The Newsroom," which premiered to 2.1 million viewers on Sunday night, centers news anchor Will McAvoy (Daniels) and his staff as they attempt to bring the authenticity back to cable news. The show also stars Emily Mortimer, Chris Chalk and Olivia Munn.

"The Newsroom" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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