06/27/2012 04:50 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Awesome People Hanging Out With Louis C.K.

We've got an unofficial Louis C.K. Week going on right now as we countdown to the return of Louie and generally obsess over how awesome Louis C.K. is. And seeing as how the man hasn't insulted his Twitter follower's mothers or made fun of Jay Leno's big dumb face in the last twenty-four hours I'd like to keep the party going with this fun photo collection of Louis hanging out with other (mostly) awesome people in (mostly) candid and/or off set photos, as inspired by the Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr phenomenon.

The vintage stand up tour photos -- like the one with Marc Maron above -- definitely bring the whole thing together. Kind of like the enjoyment we get out of yearbook photos, only including other famous people who also used to be thinner with more hair. As always, if there are any I missed point them out in the comments. I think we can all agree the goatee was a smart choice.