06/27/2012 12:07 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Bathing Suit Ban In New Jersey Still Exists, Set To Be Repealed

We're all for retro, '50s-style bathing suits making a comeback. But retro, '50s-style bathing suit laws? Not so much.

In Monmouth County, New Jersey, home to the famous shore town Asbury Park, town council members are revisiting a decades-old ban on bathing suits. The ordinance, passed in 1958, prohibits bathing suits on the boardwalk, stating, "No person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or the public sidewalks adjacent thereto."

The rule has been largely ignored in recent years. But Louise Murray, a former councilwoman and the chairwoman of the Asbury Park Republican Party, has asked the city to revive and enforce the ban. Murray told CBS' Alex Silverman, "Do you really want to be sitting in a restaurant and seeing somebody come up half-dressed? We all can’t be Sports Illustrated and we all can’t be GQ’s."

Fair point -- not all of us can be Kate Upton. But, unsurprisingly, Murray faces some opposition. Councilman Kevin Sanders told CBS that the law is completely outdated, noting, "It was a totally different time." Clearly of the same mind, Asbury Park's Deputy Mayor John Loffredo told NBC that the 1958 law will be repealed.

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