06/27/2012 03:26 pm ET

Colbert Slams Justice Scalia Over Arizona Immigration Law (VIDEO)

When the Supreme Court decided to uphold some but not all of Arizona's controversial immigration laws Monday, Stephen Colbert was only really interested in what one particular Justice had to say.

It was Justice Antonin Scalia's fiery dissent of the 5-3 ruling that caught Colbert's attention in a segment on Tuesday night's "Colbert Report." Specifically, it was the fact that Scalia's brought up America's first 100 years, when Southern states were allowed to restrict immigration by "freed blacks," as an example of why S.B. 1070 should be upheld, that caught Colbert's attention.

"Ah yes, the first 100 years of the Republic: the good old days!" Colbert said.

So, what would our country look like if we returned to our founding fathers' "dream" to let each state decide who to turn away? How would it go over if we let 50 states have 50 immigration policies? Watch the segment above to see Colbert's vision of the kind of society Scalia might want to live in.



Colbert Interrupting Politics