Google Glass Skydive Demo: Sergey Brin Hosts Extreme Sport Insanity At Moscone Building (VIDEO)

It's safe to say that Google has done it again.

San Francisco's Moscone Center was host to some extreme sports during the highly anticipated Google I/O 2012 conference on Wednesday. Host Google cofounder Sergey Brin promised an unbelievable demo of Google Glass at the event, and he did not disappoint.


“We have something special for you,” Brin said to the crowd. “It’s a little time sensitive. This could go wrong in about 500 ways. Who wants to see a demo of Glass?”

Brin's demo screen then panned to live view from a pair of Google "glasses" worn by an employee. The employee was in an Airship Ventures zeppelin full of skydivers thousands of feet above the conference. In real-time.

Moments later, the employee and fellow divers lept from the craft, offering conference-goers a dizzying view of the bay and downtown San Francisco hurtling towards the camera. The group then landed on the roof of the Moscone Center where the conference was being held.

But Brin's show wasn't over.

Next, a group of glasses-clad bikers performed nerve-wracking tricks, jumping over portions of the roof. Finally, the group scaled down the side of the building, entered the conference room and high-fived Brin on stage.

Check out the insane video of the spectacle below:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated the skydivers jumped from a plane. They actually jumped from a zeppelin.