06/27/2012 04:16 pm ET

Janet Evanovich Talks Triumphing Over Rejection (VIDEO)

"I started collecting rejections in a shoebox, and then I had a shirt box and then I had a big packing crate," author Janet Evanovich told the ladies of “The Talk” this morning. Hard to believe, coming from an author who is ranked on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid authors for her best-selling Stephanie Plum series, among other enormous commercial successes.

It turns out Evanovich spent more than 10 years writing before she sold her first book; she had already thrown in the towel and taken a job at a temp agency when she finally heard back from one of the many, many publishers she had contacted over the years. She credits her supportive family for the strength to persevere through that tough time.

Now an incredibly successful Janet Evanovich is promoting her latest novel, "Wicked Business," a story about people who discover they possess exceptional abilities and must choose how to use them, she told “The Talk."

"Don't give up -- just keep writing," Evanovich advises other aspiring authors.

Check out the video above for Janet Evanovich's inspirational story.