06/27/2012 03:20 pm ET

New Lin Sichuan Fish Market Owner Arrested For Selling Dirty Clams In NYC (WATCH)

And you thought those penis dumplings were bad!

The owner of New Lin Sichuan Fish Market has been arrested for allegedly selling dirty clams that were smuggled inside luggage carts of passenger buses. Officials believe over 5,400 pounds of freshwater clams were brought in by trucks in the past six months.

The New York Post reports on the accused owner, 51-year old Jin Hua Ke, who reportedly thought it was somehow OK to sell the infested clams which were found to carry high amounts of fecal matter and bacteria in them. Sort of takes the "fresh" out of freshwater clams.

If convicted, she faces up to four years in prison for the contaminated sea fare. Head over to the Post for more.

The commercialization of freshwater clams is illegal in New York because of their inclusion on the endangered species list.

In September, ten Chinatown shop owners were arrested for selling highly toxic rat and cockroach poison, 61 times strong than legally permitted. Authorities were tipped off when a woman accidentally consumed the pesticide and lost two-thirds of her blood volume.