06/27/2012 09:44 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Nora Ephron: Lawrence O'Donnell Pays Tribute To Friend, Screenwriter (VIDEO)

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Lawrence O'Donnell paid tribute to screenwriter Nora Ephron on his MSNBC show on Tuesday.

Ephron, who wrote films including "Sleepless In Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally," died Tuesday in New York, where she was being treated for acute myeloid leukemia and pneumonia. She was 71.

O'Donnell said that he tried to collect his thoughts after hearing news of Ephron's death, but was not able to. So, he read statements from Tom Hanks and Billy Crystal, two men who played some of Ephron's most notable characters.

Before playing some clips from Ephron's most popular films, O'Donnell said he felt lucky to have known her.

"I never had the great honor of working with her, and what we are all trying to remind ourselves of today, is just how lucky we were to have her, to be able to enjoy her work," O'Donnell said. "Our thoughts tonight with her husband, Nick Pileggi...her sons Jacob and Max."

O'Donnell then urged his viewers to learn more about Ephron and her remarkable career. "Read about her, get online read the stories about her tonight. Read about how this daughter of writers grew up to be a great writer, and great director," he said.



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