06/27/2012 05:50 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

P.S. 10 Flash Mob: Brooklyn Parents Dance For Their Kids At School (WATCH)

It's a good thing these Park Slope moms and dads seized the day while their kids were still in elementary school; parents of high schoolers might not be able to pull this off without causing their kids acute embarrassment.

"This," of course, being a massive end-of-year flash-mob-slash-dance party. The parents of kids from P.S. 10 in Brooklyn, New York came together earlier this month for a giant choreographed performance on the school's playground. The routine began to the civilized strains of opera, but ultimately morphed into a massive LMFAO-fueled kids-and-parents bash. The children's wide smiles and enthusiastic participation -- watch out for the fast-footed dancer in the blue jacket all the way at the 5:30 mark -- are the very definition of adorable.

Perhaps they'll think back to this day when they're finishing up high school, and treat their parents to a flash mob of their own, Eastwood High School-style. Or maybe their parents will just treat them to some celebratory ice cream.