06/27/2012 06:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Los Angeles Is A Man: Louis Vuitton LA Film (VIDEO)

Paris and Los Angeles have never felt closer.

French fashion label Louis Vuitton has just released a short film that pays homage to the City of Angels. The film, directed by French cinéaste Jean-Claude Thibaut, is part of a series of works sponsored by Vuitton that use "gender as a lens" to interpret various cities.

With a pulsating bass line and a poetic -- if not overly dramatic -- voiceover, the short features glorious images of our city and the nearby desert. Locales like Paramount's Melrose gate, the LA River, and the Chateau Marmont are shot in a romantic manner that conveys the mystery and glamour of LA.

While the concept of gender doesn't come across strongly, it's a lovely homage to LA. Considering the film's style and edge, the LA Convention and Visitors Bureau should think about using it! Watch: