06/28/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas Wedding: Couple To Text Invites (UPDATED)

UPDATE (9/11/2012): A spokeperson for Alec Baldwin contacted Huffington Post to dispute reports that Baldwin and Thomas had sent wedding invitations via text message, stating that the couple used a variety of methods to inform guests of the location of the wedding. The spokesperson declined to provide further information.


Check your phone: you may find an invite to Alec Baldwin's wedding.

Baldwin and his fianceᅢᄅ, Hilaria Thomas, are reportedly planning to text invitations to their guests on the day of their wedding, reports the New York Post.

According to etiquette expert Daniel Post Senning of the Emily Post Institute, the couple's decision to forego traditional printed invitations makes a statement about the wedding's "significance."

"The invitation is the guests' first clue or indication about the importance of the event," Senning told HuffPost Weddings. "A text wedding invitation starts to border on, 'Be careful, you're not giving this event the significance and importance that it deserves.'"

As the New York Post previously reported, the couple will wed on June 30 at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York. The pair is being so secretive about their reception that not even Baldwin's brother, Stephen, knows the location.

“I’m going. I haven’t been told the location yet,” Stephen told The Post Wednesday. “That’s about all I can say, because [Alec] can still kick my butt.”

The spouses-to-be seem to be taking a page from "Girls" with their text-only invites: On the season finale of the hit HBO series,, guests were invited to a surprise wedding via last-minute SMS.

Baldwin and Thomas might be keeping everyone in the dark about their wedding details, but they certainly aren't the first celeb couple to do so. Click through the slideshow below to see stars who kept their nuptials totally secret until after their Big Days.

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