06/28/2012 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bad Elmo Impostor, Adam Sandler, Ran Porn Site In Cambodia And Deemed 'A Little Paranoid'

Earlier this week, as the internet became reacquainted with Bad Elmo, the "emotionally disturbed" Elmo impostor notorious for pestering New Yorkers, new details have emerged surrounding the man's past.

The New York Times spoke to the evil Elmo, who calls himself 'Adam Sandler' (go figure), after he was released from Metropolitan Hospital Center following his anti-semitic rant directed at innocent Central Park tourists unwilling to snap pictures with him for cash.

Despite a police warning not to return to scene of the bizarre antics, Sandler snuck back into the park discussing his involvement in a "sex scandal," which further Googling unveiled Sandler had actually managed an illegal porn site in Cambodia called "Welcome to the Rape Camp."

The site eventually got him deported, and he moved to the United States, where he picked up a career as what else, someone who hurls insults behind a popular children's mask. (Read more at the Times).

As for Sandler's creepy reign of terror on New York, in 2009 the rude impostor was caught aggressively badgering tourists in Times Square for photo ops. In 2010, he was spotted again bothering innocent 3-year olds.

But Sandler explained before, it's just all a misunderstanding, as he's simply trying to earn an honest dollar and that "Taking an Elmo picture without paying is rude. It's called making a living."

Watch his ridiculous rants from Monday below: