06/28/2012 03:44 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2012

Chaka Khan's Fragrance Line 'Khana Sutra' Launching Soon

Chaka Khan's got her groove back. The sultry singer recently dropped 60 pounds and is in the studio working on some new hits to add to her already large repertoire. And even before she revealed her newly slim figure, she says, she was always a sex symbol.

Now fans can aspire to be half as sexy as Chaka with the singer's new fragrance line, Khana Sutra.

We know what you're thinking; the last thing we need is another celebrity touting a perfume. But this is Chaka we're talking about, and there "ain't nobody" like this soulful crooner.

If her fragrance line is anything like the steamy Indian lovemaking tome its named after, we are definitely on board. The line includes perfume, candles and "Chakalates" for her sweet toothed fans.

Will Chaka's fragrance make every woman smell like a diva, even through the fire? We certainly hope so.

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