06/28/2012 04:51 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2012

Lincoln Harrison's Australian Outback Night Sky Pictures Dazzle (PHOTOS)

It's hard to believe that Victoria, Australia-based photographer Lincoln Harrison has been taking photos for less than two years. But according to HuffPost UK, the 37-year-old first got a camera in October 2010 -- and that was only to take pictures of items he wanted to sell on eBay.

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"I wasn't planning on getting into photography as a hobby, but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other goodies, I couldn't wait to get started," Harrison said, according to HuffPost UK.

Since then, he's been going into the Australian outback several times a week to take pictures.

According to, it takes up to 15 hours of shooting to get the hundreds of photos needed to create these images.

"It was a gruelling night with a total shooting time [of] 15 hours in freezing conditions, sunset to sunrise," Harrison said last year, according to the Daily Mail.

In Harrison's photos, the rotation of the Earth makes the stars appear as if they're traveling across the sky.

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