06/28/2012 05:18 pm ET

Tuscan Village For Sale: Pratariccia, Medieval Italian Hamlet, Listed On eBay For $3.1 Million

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry wants to rent a house in Tuscany, but the Maestro insists there's nothing available?

Well, forget the villa. Today, for a mere $3.1 million, anyone with an eBay account can buy their very own Tuscan village.

The 800-year-old medieval village of Pratariccia lies about 25 miles east of Florence, amid "beautiful rolling hills 2,400 feet above sea level."

It's an idyllic setting to be sure, but caveat emptor -- this hamlet is a bit of a fixer-upper.

According to the Telegraph, the village was abandoned in the 1960s after its youth moved out and the elder population faded into history. It now consists of "25 run down and abandoned houses."

But the village's location makes it prime real estate for development. Business Insider reports that "real estate representatives for the monastic order that currently owns the hamlet are advertising it as "perfect for resorts and retirement communities."

Apparently, the village isn't the only slice of Italy that's being sold. The cash-strapped Italian government put 9,000 properties up for sale in 2010 in an effort to shore up its enormous public debt of some $2.5 trillion.