06/28/2012 03:36 pm ET

Project Glass Release For Consumers Coming In 2014, Says Google's Sergey Brin

Are you ready to pick up your very own pair of Google Glasses? Well, you'll have to be patient: There's finally a vague release window in sight, but you'll be a couple years older before it arrives.

During an interview with Bloomberg Television, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced his hopes to release the consumer version of Project Glass, Google's augmented reality specs, sometime in 2014. The company is also aiming for a price point below $1,500.

Brin demoed the "glasses" at Google's I/O 2012 developers conference in Califorina with a stunning presentation that involved a daredevil leap from an airplane; the skydiver wearing the device captured video of his fall while conference attendees gripped their seats and watched it projected live onto a large screen in the conference hall. After the presentation, Brin announced that those interested in purchasing a developer-only prototype of Project Glass, dubbed the "Explorer Edition," would be able to do so for a staggering $1,500. Those units will ship in 2013, said Brin.

"Since we’ve showed [Project Glass] to the public in April, we’ve gotten so many great ideas and so much feedback --we found it so valuable," Brin told Bloomberg. The company hopes to take developers' enthusiasm to "the next level" by incorporating their ideas and feedback into the final product.

No specific date has been announced for either the developer preview of the device, or the consumer edition.

But what about the competition? What does Siri have to say about this newest piece of technology?

Google doesn't seem to worried about Apple's voice-activated assistant for mobile devices. "I’m not really thinking of any existing products or things to compare to," Brin stated to Bloomberg Television. "Google X is about doing brand new risky technological things that are really about making science fiction real. We’re not thinking about other existing products that are on the market today."

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