06/28/2012 09:01 am ET

Rachel Maddow Mocks Scott Brown Over 'Kings And Queens' Gaffe (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow recently reported Senator Scott Brown's odd gaffe, but raised the issue again on Wednesday night when something new came to her attention.

Brown recently said in a radio interview that he had "secret meetings with kings and queens and prime ministers and business leaders and military leaders" every day. His office later issued a clarification saying that he "misspoke" when he referenced "kings and queens."

On Wednesday, Maddow said that the remark "made him seem in over his head, like someone who isn't really sure what he's doing trying to sound" like "people who are sure of what they're doing." She said that she had discussed the gaffe when it happened, but that there was a point that had been "missed by everyone, including me, who reported the whackadoo kings and queens thing."

It was an ad from the Massachusetts Democratic party showing not one but multiple instances of Brown claiming that he meets with "kings and queens."

After replaying the clip, she observed, "so he didn't just misspeak and say the kings and queens thing once. He says it a lot. What's that about?" She invited him to her show, saying that she would "love" to interview him, but acknowledged that he does not want to come on.

Maddow recently re-ignited her long-running feud with Brown after the senator said he did not want MSNBC to host a debate between him and Elizabeth Warren — something that Maddow said was never in the works anyway.



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