06/28/2012 04:56 pm ET

Refinery29's 30 Under 30 LA Reveals Everyone We Should Be Jealous Of In The City

This story comes courtesy of Refinery29

By Brenna Egan and Elizabeth Parks Kibbey

Most likely to…become a millionaire, have five kids, go to the Olympics…’member these? Ah yes, the beauty of the senior yearbook, capstone to all awkwardness of adolescence, it bestowed in print (of all things!) a so-called predictor of future success. Have any of us actually turned out to be anything we thought we’d be? We’d put our money on the fact that most of you have taken a roller-coaster ride to become much more than anyone could have ever dreamed. Case in point: The amazing twentysomethings who fill our first-annual L.A. 30 Under 30 list. These talented youngsters are experts in breaking the molds that society (and that high-school yearbook editor) set for them, and are whistling to their own tune, along this wild road of life.

While it was excruciating for us to whittle down our nominees — especially knowing how many worthy candidates reside from the nooks of Venice Beach to the crannies of Culver City — our interviews with this fierce group of ingenues inspired us beyond measure. Our stellar (and may we add, stunning) subjects talked collaboration, communication, and cooperation in ways that made us feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s the hot sun here, or maybe it’s just true: Tinseltown's an incubator for all kinds of talent, and the spotlight's never been brighter. So, without further ado, click through for a knock-your-socks-off slideshow of 30 L.A. folks you need to know now! We suggest you start lining up for autographs, stat!

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LA's 30 Under 30: The City's Rising Stars