06/28/2012 03:50 pm ET

Syria Crisis: 8-Year-Old Syrian Boy Survives Attack On Home

"The Syrian army did this to me," Mohammed's 8-year-old son said. The boy was lying on a bloodied carpet, injured after a Syrian army shell hit the family's home in Idlib province. Five of Mohammed's sons were injured in the attack; one did not survive.

"It is difficult to see what the value of the attack was," BBC reporter Ian Pannell explains from the scene. "As far as we know, no fighters were staying here, just six boys sleeping in the bedroom when the shell hit."

Opposition fighters cite attacks like these as one of the reasons to keep fighting Syria's government. To avenge the shelling of Mohammed's house, rebels of the Idlib Martyrs' Brigade staged an attack against an army outpost. The assault exemplifies the deadly cycle of violence that has gripped Syria over the past months.

"Is this the ceasefire you're talking about?" a rebel commander asked Pannell, referring to a U.N.-brokered peace deal. "There is no ceasefire," he said.

Activists estimate more than 14,000 people have been killed in Syria since the start of the violence in in March 2011.

There's no end to the violence in sight. On Tuesday, Syrian president Bashar Assad said his country was at war, ordering the government to spare no effort to achieve victory. Opposition fighters have intensified armed attacks on military and government targets.

World powers are expected to meet on Saturday in Geneva to discuss the worsening bloodshed.

Watch the BBC's full report in the video above.