06/28/2012 10:50 am ET

Did Nora Ephron's "When Harry Met Sally" Ruin Male-Female Friendship?

Willa Paskin and Mary Elizabeth Williams both admired Nora Ephron, but they disagree on "When Harry Met Sally." Paskin calls it an ideal romantic comedy; Williams says it's to blame for creating the myth that men and women can't be friends. They'll argue it out here -- we'll be updating the conversation in real time, so keep checking back. Join in the discussion in the comments.

Mary Elizabeth Williams: Let me start by saying I adore Nora Ephron, who died yesterday evening at 71. Her essays introduced me to Fay Weldon and, more significantly, Jane Austen, when I was a teenager. "Silkwood" had one of the first great LGBT characters I ever saw in a movie. Her New Yorker essay about Manhattan real estate, just a few years ago, made me laugh and weep like something out of a Nancy Meyers movie.

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