06/29/2012 02:00 pm ET

Agustin Gamboa Posted A Video Of Adults Egging On Two Young Boys Violently Fighting (VIDEO)

A shocking video showing two young boys violently fighting was posted on Facebook Wednesday. During the fight, a crowd of kids and at least two adults egg them on, KTLA reports.

A man named Agustin Gamboa posted the video, which was taken in Victorville, Calif., on his Facebook wall and entitled it, "My nephew messed him up for picking on his home boy."

The two boys, both very young, appear to be African American and Latino children.

In the nearly two-minute long video, an adult can be seen moving other children out of the way of the fight so that the person filming can get a good shot. Meanwhile, the man filming the video acts like a second ringleader, directing the kids to stay on the grass while they fight.

The boys kick and punch each other, pin each other down and choke each other. Several other children excitedly watch and cheer.

When KTLA showed the video to resident Elsa Garcia, a mother of two daughters, she commented, "As a mom, I would press charges…. They're creating violent people who will come into society and harm other children. They're being taught and encouraged to act that way. It's disgusting."

The Victorville Police Department told KTLA that no report had been filed about the incident but that charges of child endangerment could be brought against the adults involved in the video.



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