06/29/2012 05:41 pm ET

Alien Invasions 'Outliers'

Frank Newport reviews key implications for public opinion on Thursday's Supreme Court health care ruling.

Dan Hopkins considers the role of self-interest in attitudes toward health care reform.

Brendan Nyhan cautions against "crass speculation" about the ruling's impact on the election.

Harry Enten asks what Americans really want from health care policy?

Laurie Kellman and Jennifer Agiesta explain why 1-in-4 voters are uncertain about which presidential candidate they will support.

Charlie Cooks argues that 's better to looks at national data and demographics than state-level polling.

Mark Mellman considers Barack Obama's atheist problem.

David Hill doubts Americans have given up on fixing the economy.

John Cassidy asks Ruy Teixeira, will demography save Obama?

The CDC updates its data on cell-only and cell-mostly households.

The Market Research Association warns pollsters of a new do-not-call registry for autodialer calls.

Sasha Issenberg wonders if in-person interviews are the future of polling.

The Obama campaign subscribes to Rasmussen Reports.

SurveyUSA asks, et tu New Yorker?

Drew Linzer launches Votamatic.

National Geographic finds Americans trust Obama over Romney in the case of an alien attack.