06/29/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blake Lively's Gucci Ad Looks Surprisingly Familiar (PHOTOS, POLL)

Plenty of fashion labels have used mirror in advertisements at one point or another (this Lanvin spot comes to mind). But Blake Lively's Gucci ad, featuring the lovely actress staring back at herself, is even more familiar than usual.

Lively's first ad as the new face of the Gucci Première fragrance line hit the web Friday, and to our surprise it looks strikingly similar to the spots for her Mademoiselle handbag campaign for Chanel.

That's right, Chanel -- Lively's fashion champions and home to her BFF Karl Lagerfeld. It wasn't too long ago that Lively was hanging out at the Met gala on Lagerfeld's arm and toting bags for the French fashion brand. Now the "Savages" actress has seemingly switched teams and taken the modeling lessons learned at Chanel with her.

The Gucci ad shows Lively staring out a window into a dark sky overlooking a lit-up city. It's classic Gucci yet so striking similar to the dark Chanel ad also featuring Blake's profile reflected in glass.

So the real question: intentional or not? Is Gucci pouring salt in Chanel's wound after stealing Karl Lagerfeld's "American dream girl" or is the similarity a mere coincidence?

See the ads for yourself below and tell us what you think!

blake lively gucci

blake lively gucci

Gucci and Chanel aren't the first lookalike fashion ads...

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