06/29/2012 09:20 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2012

Eyebeam Launches Kickstarter To Expand Public Presence In Chelsea (VIDEO)

We all know that funding the arts is a constant challenge, which is why we launched our Kickstarter Spotlight -- to shine a light on worthy projects throughout the country. Here's the latest installment:

Eyebeam, the nonprofit art and technology center based in Chelsea, is launching an intriguing Kickstarter campaign to build a new public entrance to the gallery that would enhance the interactive nature of the exhibits housed there.

As it stands now, Eyebeam is not a typical art establishment, despite its location in the gallery district of Chelsea. As an art and technology center, the gallery showcases work by artists and creative technologists who use state-of-the-art technology to conduct digital research and experimentation. And the projects that emerge confront the traditional concepts of art-making and the ways in which it should be displayed. Recent collaborations have included "Stranger Visions," portrait sculptures made from analyses of trace genetic material, and "Swordfight," a physical game involving strapped-on Atari 2600 controllers.

The new Kickstarter campaign aims to incorporate open source and content ideas into the redesign of the center's space. Artists and directors at Eyebeam want to create a new exhibition area with free Wifi, a coffee shop, and other amenities that the space now lacks. They are also seeking to construct a forward facing bookstore with movable shelves that can function as a hang-out spot for visitors and even an exhibition area. Artists would then be able to show their work in a more engaging environment that encourages the public to interact with and experience the art alongside its creators. This project would bring the visionary imaginations of Eyebeam's artist residents into a platform built for an open intellectual culture.

To learn more about Eyebeam's plans, visit their Kickstarter campaign page. Otherwise, you can check out the campaign video above and follow the behind-the-scenes progress of Eyebeam's redesign on their Tumblr.