06/29/2012 06:20 pm ET

Polar Bear Cubs Playing In The Snow: Something To Cool You Off On A Hot Summer Day (VIDEO)

We're going to come out and thank BuzzFeed for this one, because we all need this right now.

On a hot day like today, everyone could use a little something to cool them down. If you're like us, watching these two little white bears roll around in the snow might be the closest you get to actually finding some relief.

Unfortunately, not all polar bears have it so easy. According to the World Wildlife Fund, "Climate change, which leads to the loss of Arctic sea ice, is the leading threat to polar bears," and some reports suggest there may be a rise in polar bear cannibalism due to their changing climate.

Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen shot the footage of these two cubs fiddling around near Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba in March of 2010, just after they began venturing outside their winter dens. The bears were just a few months old when this video was taken.

Mangelsen is a world-class nature photographer, once named BBC's "Wildlife Photographer of the Year," according to his professional website. You can check out some of his best wildlife and nature shots here as well.