06/29/2012 03:13 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2012

Roy Nicholson, Mississippi Tea Party Leader, Asks God To Intervene On Health Care

The leader of the Mississippi Tea Party is calling on God to save the country from "criminal invaders" following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the health care reform law.

Roy Nicholson, chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party, posted a statement on the group's website Friday saying that the court's 5-4 decision has "killed" the "constitutional republic" and that a "dictatorial junta" of "criminal invaders" is now controlling the federal government. He fears that a "banana republic" is coming next.

Asking if "We the People" would resurrect the country or be "left to rot in the shallow grave dug for it," Nicholson also called for divine intervention to save the United States.

"May all of us fall on our faces before the Heavenly Judge, repent of our sins, and humbly cry out to Him for mercy on our country," he wrote. "And, may godly courageous leaders rise up in His wisdom and power to lead us in displacing the criminal invaders from their seats and restore our constitutional republic."

Nicholson's statement follows posts on the same website expressing anger at the Supreme Court decision and Chief Justice John Roberts for voting to uphold the law. The group also posted a video of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) praying.

The Tea Party also uses the website to promote several upcoming events including a Saturday morning prayer breakfast and a truckers' brigade through Mississippi.

Nicholson is one of many conservative leaders denouncing the Supreme Court and Roberts for the decision.

Political Reaction To Health Care Ruling


Political Reaction To Health Care Ruling