06/29/2012 11:21 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2012

Savannah Guthrie: 'Today' Anchor Shows Her On-Air Style (PHOTOS)

After Ann Curry's shockingly unceremonious exit from the "Today" show on Thursday morning, the seat next to Matt Lauer has already been filled. Savannah Guthrie joined Lauer to host the NBC morning show on Friday, although there's no word on whether she will be Curry's permanent replacement.

So who is Savannah Guthrie? She's a lawyer turned White House correspondent, a Court TV analyst turned MSNBC co-anchor. She's been described as "kind of cool, but in a geeky kind of way" and is seen as more laid-back and easygoing than Curry.

It's an odd contrast, given that sartorially Curry is the wilder of the two. The former "Today" host is known for her colorful dresses and punchy accessories (last month she tweeted a picture of her outfit with the caption, "Did you dress in Candyland today? Are a bowl of fruitloops or Toucan Sam?" :) )

When it comes to on-air style, Guthrie plays it safer, tending towards black, white and gray (as she did this morning), flattering sheathes and the same no-nonsense haircut (parted down the middle, flipped out at the ends) for nearly ten years. If it ain't broke...

Should Guthrie take up a permanent spot next to Lauer each morning, what can we expect? Check out our roundup of Savannah's on-air fashion and get yourself acquainted.

Savannah Guthrie's On-Air Style