06/29/2012 03:33 pm ET

Snake In Ceiling Closes Miami Beach Post Office (VIDEO)

Cue the Samuel L. Jackson jokes: a snake dangling from the ceiling has closed the post office on West Avenue in Miami Beach.

Employees say the snake first appeared Thursday afternoon while basking in the warmth of the fluorescent lights, according to Local 10.

Though a trapper was called, he was unable to arrive before closing time -- and when the slithering mister showed up again, hanging from the ceiling as the lights went on Friday morning, the post office closed as a precaution.

"Basically the employees were concerned what kind of snake it was," Manuel Ferrer, a spokesperson for the United States Post Office, told WSVN. "We didn't know what it was. The customers would see this snake coming around, and we had to take precautions to remove the snake."

Reports vary as to the grey snake's size. Local10 reports it is approximately 2 feet long, while witnesses described a 3- or 4-foot snake to WSVN. But one thing is certain: no one was taking any chances.

"I opened the mailbox sort of like this," said a customer, her arm outstretch and body recoiled. "I thought, what if the snake is in my box and it reaches out and grabs my wrist?"