06/29/2012 12:43 pm ET

Wilhelmina Models Winner, Runner Ups Announced In 30+ Model Search

When Huff/Post50 caught wind of Wilhelmina Models 30+ Model Search, we were in awe of the collection of beautiful women over the age of 50 who had caught the agency's eye (and some readers' eyes as well, based on some of the comments we read, but are too ladylike to repost).

We learned what inspired them and got their thoughts on life's big questions (fiery redhead Sharon Eliot had this to say about what rules she feels she can break with impunity: "Rules, what are the rules?"). We were certain that after the remaining 10 contestants -- five of which were 45+ -- participated in a photo shoot and runway show in front of judges and industry elite in New York on Wednesday night, the winner would definitely be middle-aged.

But we're sad to report the winner of Wilhelmina Models 30+ Model Search was (gasp) 35-year-old Chia Jenious-Nevamong. Office favorite Michele Torres, 53, was first runner up, and 30-year-old Sara Mae Kroeker was second runner up.

Michele, we think you were robbed, but we know you'll take it in stride, given your answer to what your biggest accomplishment has been:

The satisfaction of knowing I gave it everything I had, no matter how painful the loss or how joyous the victory. I was 100 percent there.

Check out the slideshow below to see photos of first-runner up Michele Torres and other familiar faces compete in the Wilhelmina Models 30+ Model Search.