07/01/2012 10:11 am ET Updated Jul 14, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire 2012 Photos: More Aerial Pictures Show Extent Of Fire Devastation (PHOTOS)

Officials are allowing evacuees temporary visits of the neighborhoods devastated by Waldo Canyon Fire, near Colorado Springs over the weekend -- approximately 346 homes were destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire making it the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history.

Aerial photos released last week gave a first look at the horrible devastation of the fire and now more aerial photos have been released showing the extent of that destruction.

These aerial photos in the slideshow below, taken on Thursday, June 30, show the destructive path of the Waldo Canyon fire in the Mountain Shadows subdivision area of Colorado Springs.

The Waldo Canyon fire burning near Colorado Springs began burning on Saturday, June 23 and by Sunday -- fueled by record heat, high winds and dryness -- it grew rapidly and forced the evacuation of 11,000 residents. After several days of Red Flag Warnings, conditions were ripe for further growth, and by Tuesday, June 26, Waldo Canyon Fire exploded.

The fire forced the evacuation of at least 32,000 residents, expanded to 17,073 acres, quickly engulfed nearly 350 homes and killed at least two people.

Days of record heat produced a surge of new fires burning throughout Colorado and also provided fuel and devastating growth conditions for the fires already burning. A total of ten major fires were burning around the state last weekend, all part of the worst wildfire season in a decade.

Photos of the Waldo Canyon fire destruction: