07/02/2012 07:16 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2012

LA Anime Expo 2012: Cosplay Hits Los Angeles (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

If you were in Downtown LA this weekend, you may have noticed an unusual amount of princess outfits, outlandish wigs and pixelated humans.

Why? It was the 21st Annual Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center!

The showcase of anime-inspired cosplay garb drew over 100,000 guests dressed as characters from manga, television, movies, video games, and comic books, according to Racked LA.

Unfortunately, some chaos is bound to occur at an event this size. A group of people reported that their friend went missing -- sparking rumors of kidnapping -- but it turned out that the person had simply gone home without notifying her companions, according to event organizers.

Hey, things can get confusing in a room with over a dozen women dressed as Pikachu!

Check out photos of some of the craziest costumes below.

Anime Expo 2012

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly said that the annual Anime Expo was in its fifth year. We regret the error.