07/02/2012 06:23 pm ET

U.S. Gymnasts At 2012 Olympic Trials Captured In Stunning Multiple Exposure Images (PHOTOS)

Grace and beauty are often words associated with gymnasts, but in this light one can get a real sense of the pure athleticism that goes into what they do.

Julie Jacobsen of the Associated Press and Ezra Shaw of Getty Images captured these multiple exposure shots of U.S. gymnasts at the Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials in San Jose, Calif., this past weekend.

Each image is a compilation of a number of individual photographs taken in quick succession to produce a single frame representation of the gymnast's motion.

The images show the athletes' extreme range of motion and precise moves that are often executed in under a second.

The trials concluded on Sunday with the immediate announcement of both the U.S. Men's and Women's Olympic Gymnastics teams, as well as the alternates for the games. The full rosters for both teams have been posted on the USA Gymnastics official site.

Among the finalists were five teens, including McKayla Maroney, who is featured in the slideshow below.

[h/t BuzzFeed]