07/02/2012 11:25 am ET

'Sammy And The City' Pomeranian At Center Of Scott Smith Lawsuit Against Ex Anna Camara (PHOTOS)

A cuddly pomeranian and star of the website "Sammy and the City" is now the focus of a nasty lawsuit.

The New York Post reports Sammy's owner Scott Smith is suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly pilfering the site after the two ended their courtship.

Smith is now demanding his ex Anna Camara shell out $500,000, the estimated worth of "Sammy and the City" according to Smith, all supporting New York Magazine's recent story hypothesizing more money, more meanies. (Read more at the Post).

Not familiar with Sammy? The site follows the adventures of the 10-pound, Upper East Side pup as he traverses through Central Park, Grand Central, the Brooklyn Bridge, and all throughout town. The site explains Sammy "is a crowd pleaser, an entertainer, an adventurer… and, also, just a happy little dog with a fox trot and a smile (a smile so charming—you can’t resist him)!"

The site was apparently such a lucrative venture, Smith claims Camara locked him out of the site, changing the passwords, and even swiping his iPad.

Sammy isn't the only pooch caught in the middle of a lover's fallout. In May, a man claims he spent over $60,000 in court fees in an attempt to win custody of a dog he argues his ex-girlfriend "kidnapped" after they split.

See photos of the star puppy at the center of the controversy below:

'Sammy and the City' Pomeranian's $500,000 Lawsuit
'Sammy and the City' Pomeranian's $500,000 Lawsuit