Weird New Laws In 2012 Include $50 Fee For Vomiting In Illinois Cabs, Kentucky Ban Releasing Feral Hogs (VIDEO)

If you're going to booze it up in Chicago and then cab it home, keep some extra money to pay your barf bill.

Illinois officials have passed a new law that allows taxi drivers to charge a $50 cleanup fee to passengers who upchuck in their cars.

The vomit ordinance is just one of many weird laws that have been thrown up on the books starting July 1.

Other states that have gotten in the act by enacting looney legislation include Idaho, which just entered the 20th century by allowing warrants to be served via fax.

Meanwhile, Kentucky residents are forbidden from releasing feral hogs into the wild, but Virginia voters who accidentally left their driver's license at home now have the liberty of using their concealed gun permit as an alternative, CNN reported.

Florida, a state known for its weirdness, has a few new rules and regulations that might qualify as bizarre.

It is now against the law to shackle pregnant female prisoners when they are giving birth and it's forbidden to film people without their knowledge if they are in a home.