07/03/2012 03:12 pm ET

Alec Baldwin Wedding: PETA Gifts Newlyweds A Bull

What's the last thing you'd ever expect anyone to give Alec Baldwin as a wedding gift?

A press release on PETA's website Tuesday announced that the organization had given Baldwin and his new wife, Hilaria Thomas, a bull as a wedding gift.

Yes, that's right. A bull.

The bull, now named Baldwin Thomas, was reportedly freed from a life of servitude pulling carts loaded with sugar cane in India after his owner brought him to PETA's Animal Rahat sanctuary in Mumbai.

The vets who treated Baldwin Thomas discovered that he had cancer in his eye and was suffering from arthritis, so they convinced the bull's owner to let him retire. The owners agreed, and the bull will live out the rest of his life in India.

PETA did not provide an explanation for the gift in their press release, though Baldwin is a noted supporter of the organization.

Baldwin and Thomas aren't the first famous pair to receive an off-beat wedding gift this year. In June, Matthew McConaughey and his bride Camilla Alves were given a sword by Washington State University's head football coach, Mike Leach.

Because he lives half a world away, Baldwin Thomas didn't make an appearance in the wedding. But some lucky animals do get to play a big part on the Big Day. Click through the slideshow to see how some Twitter users included animals in their trip to the altar.


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