07/03/2012 07:20 am ET Updated Jul 04, 2012

Braves Fan Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby (VIDEO)

If there were a "Final Vote" for All-Star fans then this Braves rooter may have just produced the highlight that would have sent him to Kansas City for the 2012 Midsummer Classic. Alas, only players can reach the All-Star Game by virtue of their game day production. This guy will just have to buy a ticket if he wants to go.

On the bright side, he has a big league souvenir and an unharmed child.

During the sixth inning of the Braves' 4-1 loss to the Cubs in Atlanta on Monday, Alfonso Soriano sliced a ball foul into the stands up the first-base line when a fan, holding a baby in his right arm, reached high above his head to make a bare-handed grab.

The baby seems to be wearing a bib emblazoned with the Cubs' logo and the woman to the right of the man who made the snag is also wearing a Cubs shirt. IF she is the mother of this child then she seems far more psyched about the catch than concerned about the child in the moment.

To his credit, the Braves fan who made this snag never seemed close to dropping the youngster, which puts him well ahead of some other folks who have found themselves in similar situations.

Even Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons was impressed, offering up a golf clap before the next pitch to Soriano.