07/03/2012 07:41 am ET

Frans Lanting's Mesmerizing 'Life' Nature Photography Collection From Taschen Books (PHOTOS)

Although the powers that be may censor our art and our porn, they can never take our nature porn from us! We are currently drooling over Dutch photographer Frans Lantin's "Life," a thoughtful and visually intoxicating look at life on earth, in all its diverse manifestations.

Lanting, a renowned wildlife photographer, embarked in the year 2000 to capture the passage of time on earth, and how natural forms create a dialogue between past and present. His photos, taken with a 35mm Nikon camera, capture everything from from microscopic creatures to sweeping patterns on the earth's surface.

Lanting observed the ways the micro mimics the macro while maintaining unfathomable diversity in the grand system. The electric orange of a hot magma connects the Hawaiian lava flow to the Australian orange swamp, disguising a shy desert spadefoot frog. Photographing bodily organs and bodies of water with the same electric curiosity, Lanting gives a vivid portrait of our ever-changing planet. If that doesn't get your juices flowing, we don't know what will.

"Life" was published in 2006 by Taschen books, and was recently released a new format (at a lower price!)

Frans Lanting