07/03/2012 01:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LEGO My House: How Many LEGOs Would It Take To Build FAO Schwarz, Epcot And Your House?

Kids have made remarkable replicas out of LEGOs over the years: farm equipment, a massive lemonade stand, the Eiffel Tower and more. Now, little builders can picture a world made completely of their favorite blocks. A new widget, "LEGO My House," created by calculates exactly how many LEGOs it would take to construct any real-world building, based on square footage. Imagination, run wild.

Buzzfeed determined it would take 158,783,167 LEGOs to build (the exterior) of The White House and 5,291,371,370 for the Empire State Building. We've taken a stab at a few more kid-friendly structures:

FAO Schwarz = 217,189,929 LEGOs

The panda habitat at The National Zoo = 46,928,200 LEGOs

Spaceship Earth (aka the Epcot ball) = 557,979,125 LEGOs

Alas, we couldn't calculate how many blocks it would take to build Spongebob's pineapple because of speculation that his cartoon home isn't mathematically sound.

So, how many blocks do you need to build your house? Use the tool here and let us know in the comments!

Lego My House by Movoto