07/03/2012 01:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nude Man In Venice Beach Screams, Humps The Air (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Venice, Calif. is known to attract a topless contingent of beach-goers every now and then, but one man went the full monty Sunday night -- and it was all caught on video.

Youtube user gnomicmedia called the clip, "Bath Salts are BAD for you!!!" and added this description:

This happened earlier tonight in front of my house; who knows what the guy is really on, people thought maybe meth. Regardless, this drugged out crazy naked dude wants to give you a hug! Neighbor Nick tries to help the guy...welcome to Venice Beach!!!

Oh, and he got arrested in front of the Venice Ale House.


Despite the video's claim that Mr. Full Monty was arrested that evening, LAPD officer Karen Rayner told The Huffington Post that she couldn't come up with any information about a possible detention or arrest in the area that night.

And despite the video title, it's unclear which drugs, if any, the man had consumed.

WARNING: NSFW video has graphic nudity and adult language.

Buck naked Venice Beach dude is the fourth man this summer to make the news for acting crazy while wasted. Another nude man terrorized a Hollywood Hills neighborhood June 12, crawling on top of parked cars and screaming about being high on drugs.

A few days later, a man led police on a high-speed chase, injuring five people before he was pulled over. When police asked him if he was under the influence of any drugs, he responded innocently, "What is drugs?"

Finally, in the most serious case, a man claiming to be high on bath salts bludgeoned an elderly woman with a shovel and barricaded himself in an apartment June 21. He said he was an alien who could talk to Jesus.

h/t Yo! Venice! and LA Weekly.

UPDATE: The man depicted in the YouTube video above was taken to a hospital and treated for an undisclosed reason, LAPD officer Karen Rayner told The Huffington Post. He was not arrested.



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