07/04/2012 06:23 am ET Updated Jul 04, 2012

'After The Catch': 'Deadliest Catch' Producer Talks Life Without Captain Phil Harris (VIDEO)

On the "Deadliest Catch" special, "After the Catch" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on Discovery), stars of the show talked about what it's been like since they lost Captain Phil Harris.

Phil Harris died on February 9th, 2010 after suffering a massive stroke.

At his behest, the cameras kept rolling even in the hospital, and "Deadliest Catch" chronicled his final days, including his wrenching deathbed farewell to his sons, Jake and Josh.

Since their dad's untimely death, his sons have sometimes struggled to find their way, and "Deadliest Catch" producer, Sheila McCormack, spoke about those difficult days.

"They were lost. You know, Jacob especially," she said. When Jake came out of rehab he stayed with McCormack for a couple of weeks. "It was natural for me to do it," McCormack explained.

"And Phil would've wanted me to do that," she said, "and that’s what was important."

"Deadliest Catch" continues on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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