07/05/2012 02:00 pm ET

Blind Film Critic, Tommy Edison, Explains The Best Parts Of Being Blind (VIDEO)

In this uplifting YouTube video, a blind man reveals how a silver lining can be found in even the darkest of clouds.

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth and though many see his blindness as a debilitating disadvantage, he insists that there are many perks that come with being sightless.

From discounted train fares and cheaper electricity bills to skipping gym class and getting the VIP treatment at amusement parks, Edison celebrates the little things that make being blind kind of fun.

"You know what's cool about being blind? There's no race. I don't know from beauty. I know people from what comes out of their mouth and what's in their heart. That's how I know people," he said in the video.

Edison has long been an inspiration for people with disabilities. A popular radio personality and film critic, Edison has worked hard to show others that life's greatest challenges can often be fun -- and funny.