07/05/2012 08:28 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Inside The Celebrity Vacation Homes of George Clooney, Oprah, John Travolta, And More (VIDEO)

When we think about vacationing, we often daydream about being invited to a luxury waterfront retreat. In reality, maybe we'll swing for a fancy hotel once in a while, but usually it's a modest place in a great location…after all, most of our time will be spent by the pool. Not the case with these celebrities though, whose vacation homes blow our regular accommodations out of the water!

From George Clooney to Oprah Winfrey, these celebs know how to relax in style. Clooney's $2 million Italian villa has welcomed guests like Brad Pitt and the rest of the Ocean's 11 and 12 cast. The home has a beautiful rustic exterior, but the inside is said to be somewhat of a bachelor pad (surprise, surprise).

But an overseas locale isn't necessarily a must for a celeb vacation home. The proof? Kelly Ripa's $3 million Hamptons home, which features an enormous yard and large swimming pool. We especially love the home's look: Think oversized country farmhouse. And we do mean "oversized." The home is about 5,000 square feet.

And the amenities of these homes are often times…wild. Jerry Seinfeld's home is equipped with a baseball field that has the actual turf from the stadium of his favorite baseball team, The Mets. John Travolta's Florida home has a runway and landing spot for his airplanes.

But the best vacation home we've laid our eyes on, well, pretty much ever, belongs to one of our favorite media moguls, Oprah. Her $50 million home in Santa Barbara, California, is massive to say the least. With 14 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, we can't imagine not getting lost. One of the best features of this estate is that she has her own…orchard. Yes, Oprah grows her own fruit (Well, maybe she's not the one out there climbing trees, but it's hers none the less). Now we've heard it all!