07/05/2012 03:23 pm ET

10 Countries With Huge Gender Gaps In The Workplace: Survey

Still today, women around the world are struggling to gain a foothold in the workforce.

A significant number of countries continue to struggle with a wide gender gap in the workplace -- a fourth to be exact, according to data recently released by Gallup. That gender gap is technically the difference between the number of men and women in full-time or voluntary part-time work.

The problem is not universal. For every Ecuador or Saudi Arabia, two countries with enormous gender gaps, there is a Ireland or United Kingdom, both of which were found to posses a gender gap that actually favors women.

That's not to say gender gaps only exist in developing countries. Italy, a member of the European Union, posted a workplace gender gap of 13 percent, the survey found.

The pollsters last year questioned 187,119 people across 144 countries.

Below are the ten countries with the largest gender-workplace gaps:



Countries With the Largest Gender Gaps