07/05/2012 02:28 pm ET Updated Jul 05, 2012

Famous Bikinis: Celebrate The Swimsuit's Birthday With The Best Ones Ever (PHOTOS)

Hope you're not sick of birthdays, what with America's big bash yesterday. Today the bikini turns 66, having been ushered into the world by French designer Louis Réardon on July 5, 1946.

So to the bikini we say: happy birthday, old friend! Or foe really -- because has there ever been a garment we so love to hate and hate to love? We wrestle with its dark powers in poorly-lit dressing rooms and let it haunt us it as we sweat on the elliptical.

And yet the bikini has had some glorious moments that we can't help but adore, from Halle Berry's killer orange suit in "Die Another Day" to Carrie Fisher's geek-chic ensemble in "Return of the Jedi." Teen boys will never forget Phoebe Cates emerging from the swimming pool in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High," nor will little girls ever let go of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid."

So in honor of the swimsuit's big day, here's a look back at the most memorable bikini moments ever. Vote on your faves.. and let us know in the comments if we've missed a biggie!

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